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Speeding in an Audi On A New Jersey Highway

by George on February 13, 2011

The Audi ripped by me at 100 miles-per-hour disturbing the relative tranquility of a 2 a.m. drive home with a rushing air boom and highly-wound engine noise blasting by my open window.  What the hell?

Since I’d been cantering along a mere 3 miles-per-hour over the posted 65 mph on the deserted highway, the screaming Audi really startled me.  

I quickly decided to pace the Audi from about 200 yards behind out of a) blind curiosity, b) boredom, and c) the morbid fascination of what was going to happen next: the Audi driver was entering an area of highway where speed enforcement is pretty persistent.

In fact, no sooner had we crested the top of a long hill when I saw the Audi shoot quickly for the right side of the road.  A white New Jersey State Police cruiser launched into the roadway with sufficient reckless abandon that I had to literally stand my Impala SS on its nose to keep from hitting the uniformed idiot. The cruiser swung to the right, illuminated the overheads, and pulled in behind the Audi. I slinked by on the left and returned to my lazy 68-mph cruise.

Not three minutes later the same Audi A6 roars by me again at near triple digits.  Huh?  I thought this guy was three miles behind me making a generous donation to New Jersey’s coffers?

Once again I ramped up the SS and followed the A6 at a discrete distance – once again at nearly 100-mph.  A couple of thoughts went through my head.  The Audi driver could be the governor, perhaps a local judge – maybe even another state trooper.  There was another possibility: the Audi driver had just shot the trooper who pulled him over.

The Audi took my exit and pulled into a gas station.  I followed – I mean, I needed gas, but more importantly – which of the three scenarios above applied?

The Audi driver was standing outside his car as the attendant began to fuel the car.  As he stood next to the car, he seemed much too relaxed to have recently murdered a state trooper, so I decided to give voice to my curiosity and walked over.  As I explained my interest in what recently transpired out on the highway, the Audi driver smiled slyly and reached into his pocket.  He brought out an I.D. case and flipped it open.

Guess who?  Yep, another NJ trooper.  We shared a chuckle about the gulf between what he’d done out on the highway and my interpretations of it.

So, if you want to drive triple-digit speeds in New Jersey – you can – but you have to be either a) lucky or b) possess credentials.

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