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Christian Conservative Newt Gingrich to Provide More Gun Camera Film – Not Personally, Of Course

by George on March 9, 2011

Christian conservative personas like Newt Gingrich are endorsing the establishment of a no-fly zone over Libya, but not for the reasons reported in the lame-stream media.

While most conventional news sources are espousing the “party line” about helping Libyan citizens free themselves from the yoke of tyranny, we have it on good authority that there is another overriding concern troubling America’s conservatives.

Apparently, the gun or missile camera film from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan has become a bit stale and it’s sapping the spirit of the patriots who stay up late to watch footage of the U.S. military sticking it to people browner than them. Fresh footage of American technical and tactical superiority is needed to restore flagging spirits.

Gingrich is a leading conservative who is unafraid of pointing out the obvious: America should always unilaterally inserts itself into flash points in the Middle East. It’s been an unerring concept in American foreign policy since President Ronald Regan introduced it in Lebanon in 1983.

Gingrich also realizes that his conservative base needs fresh entertainment to keep the fear of foreigners alive and the patriotism of conservatives intact.

Regrettably, the only new and cool gun camera footage in recent memory was provided by WikiLeaks. It’s the somewhat dated film of an Apache helicopter gun run turning journalists into heaping piles of torn flesh. The gun camera film industry has otherwise devolved to scenes of American soldiers firing their weapons up hillsides or into ravines at targets the viewer really can’t see. This is bullshit.

Gingrich makes a good point – most of our contemporary gun camera film was out of the movie theaters last year and has been in reruns for some time. If there is anything a Christian conservative knows, it’s that although God created humans in his image, He created some of them to be acceptable targets for large bore weaponry.

What Americans want to see is a nearly 2-mile sniper shot hitting an insurgent with a single .50 caliber round and cart-wheeling his body into the air. While we have such footage now, the shot was actually from a Canadian sniper.

American cannot afford to be second to anyone in cart-wheeling the bodies of insurgents into the air with a large caliber sniper shot from great distance.

In fact, America needs to step-up its delivery of engaging gun camera film – and Newt Gingrich, one of America’s greatest war heroes, knows this.

When Newt Gingrich was with the 3rd Marines Expeditionary Force fighting off the North Vietnamese …

When Newt Gingrich was in the Battle of Hue, he ….

Ok, apparently Newt Gingrich never served in the U.S. military and is not one of America’s greatest war heroes, but he knows that America needs the sight of vastly inferior Arab military forces being decimated by precision weapons to recover its dignity.

Newt Gingrich’s conservative voice is a credible, Christian perspective of a righteous worldview. He knows our greatness does not lie in being a peaceful force for good, it lies in decimating the lives of people that don’t look quite as Caucasian as most Christian conservatives.

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