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Considering the Inanity of The Rapture in an Addled Mind

May 21, 2011

My final words on “The Rapture” … or are they?

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American Family Association (Unaware of First Amendment) Now Looking to Isolate Muslims

March 25, 2011

American Family Association claims to have some relation to Christian principles; however, their blog posts make them sound like something we’ve heard before. Something dark, foreboding, and – let’s face it: bat-shit crazy.

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A Facebook Encounter With An Extreme Tea Party Member

February 25, 2011

Ever get a Facebook comment that makes you cringe?

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Wouldn’t Jesus Support Free Healthcare?

January 24, 2011

Jesus Christ is apparently a socialist.

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Westboro Baptists Actually Honor the Life of Elizabeth Edwards

December 10, 2010

My favorite collection of morons back in the news trying to find a new low-water mark for human behavior.

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