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Inanity Alert: Our Right to Bear Catapults

April 7, 2011

American citizens, especially cat owners, have the right to give flight to inanimate objects and particularly pesky mammals.

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Inanity in Business – Institutional Investors Are Not Great Stockholders

April 6, 2011

How has the role of stockholders been minimized?

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Inanity Politics – Cutting Planned Parenthood Funding is Folly

April 5, 2011

What does cutting Planned Parenthood funding and a circular firing squad have in common?

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Not an Inanity – The Biology of Belief is Worth Reading

April 4, 2011

Need some proof that you are what you think you are?

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Inanity Alert: Conspiracy Theories – The Last Refuge of the Uninformed

April 3, 2011

The amazing story about people just making shit up – you heard it here first!

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Inanity Alert: Pepsi Hates God – Removes “Under God” From Pledge of Allegiance on Pepsi Cans

March 31, 2011

Ricocheting around the Internet via email and Facebook is this implausible notion that Pepsi would print the Pledge of Allegiance on a special edition of its product and deliberately leave off the words “under God”.

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Inanity Watch: Why do Angels Have Wings?

March 30, 2011

What makes Star Trek a fitting entry into this ecclesiastical discussion?

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Are Insurance Sales and Assistant Crack Whore Vying for Lowest Form of Employment?

March 29, 2011

It would seem that insurance sales and whoring for crack are the lowest forms of employment, but is anything what it seems to be? If your aunt had balls, would she be your uncle?

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Donald Trump as President?

March 26, 2011

Donald Trump has hooked a couple of trophy wives in his time, but is wife 3.0 what America wants? A nation turns it’s lonely eyes to you, Derek Jeter.

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American Family Association (Unaware of First Amendment) Now Looking to Isolate Muslims

March 25, 2011

American Family Association claims to have some relation to Christian principles; however, their blog posts make them sound like something we’ve heard before. Something dark, foreboding, and – let’s face it: bat-shit crazy.

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