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Is the Bible Missing Anything?

by George on March 2, 2011

The Bible is held as gospel by the Christian faith – but what has always held my fascination about the good book is not so much what’s in it, but what isn’t.

Neither the Old Testament or New Testament makes any mention of anything that was not already known in the first century.  It’s really kind of a sticking point with me, but I am pesky like that.

Most of the world’s continents were undiscovered in the first century.  The approximately 40+ authors in the Bible represented Europe, Africa, and Asia.  Yep, the Bible has not a word from North America, South America, Antarctica, or Australia.  Why?

Perhaps the millions of inhabitants comprising the population of these land masses were too busy developing a workable compass, cast iron, and silk cloth to work on their creative writing skills?  Perhaps.

Another big miss by the Bible is about biology; like, how come it does not explicitly state what we now know: like, the father determines the sex of the baby?

Now this might seem like a minor omission, but it might have saved Anne Boleyn her head – at the very, very least.  In all likelihood, it would have saved the lives of a million other women over the course of our millennia.  Not an insignificant fact at all, I think.

These omissions might not be so glaring were it not for some of the  absolute nonsense present in the Bible.  Things like endorsing the sale of a daughter or the whacking of anyone who works on the Sabbath?  Who came up with this type of crap?

Oh, right – the people who thought the world was flat.

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