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Conservatives Don’t Know Much About Unions

by George on March 10, 2011

Conservatives are typically out-of-step with the historical record, but that doesn’t stop them from thinking they are absolutely correct about everything. Makes sense, though. Being all that closer to God must make actual historical fact so … pedestrian.

The imbroglio in Wisconsin is another example of conservatives indulging willful ignorance about yet another thing: unions.

To conservatives, the odiferous notion that unions are a corrupt and all-powerful satanic force remains quite strong. Unfortunately, this notion is also quite false.

Union membership reached its apogee in the mid-1950’s at a rate of 35 percent. The present rate of union membership is at an all-time low of just under 12 percent.

Unions have lost power since the 1950's

This means unions are the weakest they have been in 70 years.

So, my conservative friends, please update your thinking to include some relevant facts – even if they contradict fallacies you hold so closely to your heart.

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